Tuesday, 9 May 2017

C3 as part of the Senior Syndicate really made use of the school pool in Term One. It makes a tremendous difference to the confidence of our children to be able to swim everyday. We have noticed a marked increase in their confidence and their skill ability. It is an essential part of their learning throughout the summer months. We appreciate the parents who encourage their children to participate in daily swimming. 

Toward the end of the season some of the boys in our class decided they really liked the pink clips they found on the side of the pool. They asked if I could take their photo, so I did. They were so funny and enjoyed their last day of swimming.


Welcome everyone to a belated start to the year. It is now Term 2 and we are well on the way to recognising and working toward achieving our goals. Last term C3 were very excited to be learning about the changes in the life cycle of a monarch butterfly and the life cycle of frogs. We had five tadpoles mature into frogs which I released into a local pond. The pupils were very responsible about caring for the tadpoles and feeding them. We also have two Venus Fly Traps in our class, of course these also need regular feeding. Overall, these have provided us with very interesting learning in C3.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

2016 Reaching Out

The year has begun and we are nearly half way through Term 1, my how time flys.

We have worked together to create a Class Quilt. 
Our quilt recognises the similarities and differences among all our class students.

 The students in C3 are loving our Library Corner 
and are working to improve their understanding of the text they have read.

We have also become very interested in insects.
C3 now has a Science Table with a variety of insects to observe and identify.
 We also love taking care of our two goldfish.

All the students in C3 have worked to improve their water skills and swimming techniques. 
We are very pleased to have a 25 metre pool to swim in. 
Did you know our school pool is the same length as the town baths!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Native Tree Grove

We really enjoyed adding to our native grove this year. The children have learned lots about how to plant trees correctly. We are all very proud of our growing native grove.
In Term 2 many children participated in the J Rock Challenge. This year we attended the competition in Rotorua. The children who were part of the performance worked hard, giving up their lunch breaks most days to practice. They made us very proud, not only was their performance excellent but they were great ambassadors for our school.

Friday, 8 August 2014

In Term 2 some children from C3 helped Mr Gittings paint the planter which was eventually placed in the town centre. Brayden, Jaishree, Paris, Nathan and Shayleigh were all great helpers. Mr Gittings traced the plan that we had made onto the planter and then we filled in the spaces. What a great job we did.